Rent with No Deposit

At KIS Lettings we not only like to keep things simple but with the Let By cover  we like to keep things affordable by allowing you to rent a property with no deposit.

By offering a scheme for tenants to rent with no deposit it enables you to rent your ideal property without the need to borrow money from friends or family or use your savings for a bond / damage deposit which you wouldn't be refunded until you leave property.

Most agents charge an administration Fee in addition to a bond / damage deposit. At KIS Lettings in addition to your first month's rent our competitive Administration Fee is all you pay, no extra charges or hidden fees just one fee.

Simply put no other agent offers you more!

For more information on what information we require please visit our Tenants Information page.


Advantages to Easy Rent

Low Cost Move in fees:

Average Competitor
£500 per month rental
£250 + VAT Admin Fee
£500 Bond / Damage deposit
£500 First month’s rent in advance
Total: £1300

KIS Lettings Easy Rent Move in Fees
£350 + VAT Admin Fee
£500 First Month's
Rent in Advance Total £920
Total Saving £380!!