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Wallsend is now a residential area located less than 4 miles east of Newcastle City Centre. There is an excellent selection of properties to let in Wallsend. The area owes its name to its situation at the eastern end of Hadrian's Wall. Wallsend once a mining centre and then was a hub for shipbuilding. The Swann Hunter yard closed finally in 2007. Today Wallsend has a popular tourist attraction thanks to its roman connections. It is the home of a popular museum called Segedumun. In Roman Times Wallsend hosted the fort Segedunum, this fort provided protection for the eastern end of Hadrian’s wall. Wallsend has excellent public transport links and benefits from having a major Bus route immediately outside the Wallsend Metro Station. This allows fast and frequent integrated transport connections to all areas such as Newcastle, North Shields, Whitley Bay & Sunderland. For families looking for homes and flats to rent in Wallsend, the area has a more than twenty schools, colleges and pre-school facilities. Let KIS Lettings help you find the ideal rental properties in Wallsend.

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