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Rent Guarantee with Let By Cover

Exclusive to KIS Lettings included in our unrivalled 5%* Full Management Package our
Rent Guarantee comes with No Excess. *Terms and conditions apply

Landlords all across the country trust KIS with their rental portfolios.

Managing vast rental portfolios manually can be very time consuming and costly, the time spent managing could be spent extending your portfolio. Here at KIS Lettings we make managing property portfolios a breeze. We deliver more service at lower rates using our unique, specially designed online property management tool that allows 24hr access for landlords. We make it simple to manage your tenants, properties, maintenance and profits, and with our unrivalled 5%* full management fees and Rent Guarantee with no excess we should be your number one choice. There are a number of reasons to choose KIS Lettings when it comes to landlord services & property portfolio management including;

Landlord fees from only 5%*

Unbeatable rate and amazing service!
*Terms and conditions apply

Rental professionals

We don't sell property, we're dedicated to the rental market.

Dashboard view

All your info live and in one place makes it the eaisest way to manage your portfolio.

Online portfolio management

24/7 access to all your live property, tenant and profit information.

Alerts and messages

All your issues from maintenance to vacancies flagged up in date order.

Guarantors agreements

At KIS we secure the landlords property against the guarantors property.

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