North East house prices £10,000 up on this time last year as Parliament returns
Published on 01 Sep 2017

•    Average home worth £9137 more less at the end of July than at the end of June
•    Property values rise 1.1% - after falling in five of the last six months.
•    Prices rising fastest in Durham City, Killingworth, Houghton-le-Spring and North Shields, with Peterlee properties rising fastest over the past 12 months.
•    Average rents go back past £600pcm.
•    Average yields for investors rise to a little under 4.4%, with Peterlee properties offering returns of 6.3%


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Property Market Analysis

North East property prices have defied gloomy predictions and to rise 1.1% over the last four weeks – with current values almost £10,000 higher than this time last year.

A typical property in the region is currently valued at £166,574 – a month-on-month jump of £1823 in cash terms.

The rise compares to a fall of 2.3% recorded in August 2016 and follows falls in six of the previous seven months. Prices rose 1.8% in August 2015 and 1.2% in August 2014.

Prices are also 4.3% higher than those of twelve months ago, with a typical house now valued at £9137 more in cash terms than twelve months ago.

Prices were up in 14 of the 20 areas surveyed, with property values rising fastest in Durham City (3.9%), Killingworth (3.8%)  Houghton-le-Spring (2.7%) and North Shields (2.3%)

House values fell in Easington (-2.1%) Blyth (-2%) Peterlee (-1.7%) Cramlington (-1%) and Jarrow (-0.1%)

Prices in Peterlee have performed the strongest over the past 12 months, rising by 6.3%. Other strong annual performers include Gateshead (5.6%) South Shields (5.4%) and Killingworth (5.3%). 

Rental Market Analysis

North East rents rose slightly to £605 per calendar month – but remain 0.6% lower than twelve months ago.

Average rental yields have risen slightly with,  with property investors currently seeing an average return on their investment a little under 4.4%.

Investors in North East property continue to see noticeably higher returns than those who have invested in London (average yield 3.2)

Blyth (£427) continues to be cheapest place to rent in the North East out of the areas surveyed, followed by Houghton-le-Spring (£444). Tynemouth (£1094pcm) again the region’s most expensive in general terms.

Peterlee is yet again the region’s Buy to Let Capital, with an average return of 6.3% for investors. Other strong performers for rental yield include Gateshead (5.6%) and South Shields (5.4%).

Ajay Jagota, founder and Managing Director of Keep It Simple and Dlighted a Proptech company that delivers a Deposit replacement insurance solution which is an alternative to the cash Tenancy Deposit schemes TDS, DPS and Mydeposits.

He said:

“Last month I wondered whether the slow reversing of North East house prices we’ve seen over the past few months was a trend or a blip – we could very much say the same about this month’s 1.1% increase.

“With Parliament resuming next week what lies ahead depends on coming government interventions and whether they stifle or advance the market.

“What is clear though is that despite a lot of gloomy talk in the media about ‘tumbling house prices’ not only have average North East house prices risen by close to £10,000  over the past 12 months, our monthly growth is not only consistent with rises recorded in previous Augusts – it significantly surpasses the 2.3% drop we saw this time last year.

“National data suggests that across the country house prices fell 0.1% in the last period for which figures are available, with annual growth running at about 2.1%. On the basis of those figures the North East is out-performing the rest of the country, with prices rising twice as fast as national averages as a whole and even faster in places like Peterlee, Gateshead and South Shields.”

“Rental yields have also kept pace with capital appreciation, and I challenge investors to find a savings rate comparable to the 3.4% return you would see from a modestly performing area like Washington, let alone the 5.4% or more you can get in South Shields.”

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