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Welcome to KIS

If you are looking for a Letting Agent in Newcastle, Sunderland & the North East, then KIS Lettings are the solution for you.

With a wide selection of properties to let in areas throughout the region, finding the perfect property letting has never been easier. 

We offer tenants a range of services including Tenant Insurance, Property Alerts & much more. KIS Lettings are all about keeping it simple so if you are looking to let and need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Start searching for the perfect rental property today by using either the simple search, map search or custom search.

Landlord Services

KIS Lettings are all about simplicity, our motto is ‘keep it simple’ and that is something that is engrained in all of our services. We offer a wide range of landlord services throughout the UK and our service offering is second to none. We provide the following benefits and services to landlords looking to let their properties;

  • Landlord fees from 5%* *Terms and conditions apply
  • Online Portfolio Management
  • Guarantors Agreements
  • Online Property Information & Management

Featured properties

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Renters are most at risk from Britain’s debt mountain – and deposits are “threatening tenancies”

22 Sep 2017

More and more renters are being forced to borrow money just to ...


Deposit-free renting: The simple solution to cutting Britain’s £20bn housing benefit bill

15 Sep 2017

The government spends four times as much on housing benefits as ...


Deposit establishment “waving the white flag” says campaigner

08 Sep 2017

A deposit protection service’s “deathbed conversion&...


North East house prices £10,000 up on this time last year as Parliament returns

01 Sep 2017

•    Average home worth £9137 more les...

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